Coaching and Consulting

If I had a coach when I was coming up, I would have had a heck of a lot more success and done it a heck of a lot faster.

That’s why I set aside a few hours per week to coach and consult with upcoming Producers, Writers, and other Theater Artists like yourself to help you get your shows off the ground faster.

All shows are unique.  And general advice often isn’t enough.  In our private sessions, I’ll give you specific action items to help you overcome whatever obstacles you’re facing so you can get your show where you want it to be . . . and fast.

Unfortunately, because of my current schedule, I can only offer these services to a select group of clients.  If you are interested in a one-on-one consulting session, please fill out the form below and someone from my office will contact you shortly.

For those individuals looking for greater results, I offer personal coaching for qualified individuals as part of the Lead Producer membership of The Producer’s Perspective PRO. To apply for a spot as a Lead Producer, click here.

To read an FAQ about consulting with me, click here.

For more information on coaching or consulting, enter your name and email below:


“I think about my consultation with Mr. Davenport practically every day. He was so encouraging and easy to talk to, and he motivated me so much.” – Shannen Rae

“I left the office with a much clearer vision of my next move. I have a renewed excitement for starting the process of getting this show produced.” – Jennifer Weston

“In the two years we’ve been working on this project, your consultation ranks as one of the most discerning, practical, and useful.” – Chris Spencer

“The greatest accomplishment I received from our consultations was that I found my voice, my confidence to believe that anything is possible when creating a show from the ground up. Ken’s guidance along the way has been a beacon of light for me and consistently helps me to keep moving forward. I wish the same for all of his clients.” – Debbie Saville

“When I began Ken’s coaching sessions I was lost and felt like a failure. The musical I’d invested so much time in had hit roadblocks of all kinds. Ken encouraged me, gave me really savvy ideas on what to do next, and even how to do it. A few months later I have a new play, nearly ready for a stage that Ken thinks is in “fantastic” shape. The future looks rosy for all my projects. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to be coached by Ken Davenport. Truly.” – Jarlath Jacobs

“Aside from the unparalleled opportunity of working one-on-one with a producer who continues to make an indelible mark on the industry, one of the greatest benefits of being a husband and wife creative team in the coaching program is Ken’s clear direction in developing a creative project. Prior to being in the program, we spent years having limited success, while constantly running into obstacles that stopped our momentum. Now almost a year into our coaching, we can honestly say that there has not been one disheartening moment of, “Well, NOW what?” To be clear, there is no “magic bullet.” But being guided by someone who has “walked the walk,” who gives you monthly assignments that are very doable, and constant encouragement …well, that’s all the magic you really need.” – Charles Yurick and Nancy Paris

“I have to confess that I came very close to canceling the meeting. The most cynical part of me was equating you with those guys who promise to teach you how to make a fortune in the stock market if you only buy their book or take their course or something. But it was worth it to meet the guy who’d written so many smart things in the blog I’d been reading for the past two years. I fully expected to come away feeling that only my curiosity had been satisfied. I was dead wrong. Not only was Ken a true gentleman and genuinely interested in helping me, he turned me on to a chunk of wisdom that is turning me around.
I owe him one. I owe him two!” – Jeff Jackson

“Ken and the entire team at Davenport Theatrical has been an invaluable asset in my career development. While I had been working in entertainment for over a decade when I met Ken, making the leap to raising investments for Broadway and starting my own production company seemed like an impossible leap forward. His seminars and coaching sessions helped to break down the entire process, and he was there to provide feedback and support every step of the way. He’s a tireless cheerleader and mentor– I can’t recommend Ken and his amazing team highly enough. Today I have raised investments for multiple shows (one of them won 5 Tonys including Best Musical!), I will be a co-producer on an upcoming Broadway production, and I’ve just hired Davenport Theatrical to GM my first musical in development!” – Megan Kingery

“I had the good fortune to take Mr. Ken Davenport’s one-on-one seminar pertaining to career building. His knowledge of the business, sagacity and advice have done wonders for my lighting design career. I highly recommend anyone who wants to advance their career in the performing arts, regardless of capacity, seek Mr. Davenport’s advice. It is well worth the time to do so.” – Joseph P. Oshry

“Let me tell you, I spent an hour with Ken and since then, my musical has taken on new life. I just finished my rewrite and wow, it is transforming into a very solid story. I plan on continuing with his coaching. His ideas were clear and concise and honest. In this day and age, honesty is lacking. He’s the real deal and I would highly recommend his services. It’s an investment worth making into your (and your play’s) future. You won’t be disappointed.” – Michael Merritt

“WOW. I mean WOW. Ken Davenport is a dynamic, powerful, yet approachable leader and was the perfect kickoff to our national conference. His ability to blend his personal and professional experiences with key industry insights immediately engaged the audience and his humor and charm kept the room fully engaged (and we had him kick off at 8 AM in Las Vegas where some participants were still getting back from the previous evening!). In our post event survey, Ken was the highest rated speaker. This was one of our best events ever and Ken was pivotal in setting off the conference on the right note.” – Douglas Berlon, The Educational Theatre Association

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