While we celebrate independence, others do not. But they sing about it.

Happy fourth, everyone.  I hope that you’re reading this on your smartphone by a pool somewhere, taking a bite out of a BBQ’d burger, waiting for the fireworks to  . . . well . . . fire. We’re a lucky country, you know.  We may have some effed up health care issues, and pot holes the size of the pool you’re sitting by, but we get a ton of freedoms and liberties that a lot of other people don’t have . . . including the right to produce theater about whatever the heck we want. Our fellow super-power citizens in …

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Overheard at The Broadway League Conference: Day 1

Yesterday was the very first day of the annual Broadway League Spring Road Conference, when all the members of the Broadway League are invited to NYC to share in three days of seminars and shows about the business of Broadway.  And, since so many of the attendees are Tony Voters from out of town, the conference is also a chance for the Tony Nominated productions and performances to give it one last hard sell for a vote. The conference is always a very cool thing.  Of course there are always fantastic and enlightening presentations (Jon Stewart gave the keynote, Denzel …

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The Spanish are Coming! The Spanish are Coming!

Recent research reports indicate that a whopping 37 million people in the US speak Spanish in the home, making this Latino-language the most spoken non-English language in this country, by mucho. And that number is only increasing.  (Why did I take French in high school again?) Extrapolate that statistic to our business and you’d see an audience that is about to emerge, despite the fact that our audience is currently only 7.8% Hispanic, according to the recent Broadway League Demographic report. But maybe that minuscule number is because we haven’t produced any shows that “speak” to that audience specifically. Expect that …

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Broadway Government Shutdown

What Broadway can learn from the Governmental Shutdown.

Effin’ politicians. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.  Like Cats and Dogs and Jets and Sharks, these guys just can’t seem to get along. And it just seems to be all about them . . . rather than all about us. You made us sign this, so we’re not going to sign that, and we want to pass that, but since you didn’t pass that, well, “Nanny, nanny boo boo, stick your head in poo-poo.” It’s childish, foolish . . . and just downright selfish. And I thought Broadway had some dysfunction! While we’re definitely …

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On September 23rd, Broadway Investing changes forever.

Everyone in the world of investing, whether that means Broadway investing or Hedge Fund investing or Early Hungarian Cabinetmaking investing, has been talking about crowdfunding since the JOBS act was signed into law on April 5th of this year. The crowdfunding rules and regs still haven’t been finalized yet, and only the Gods of the SEC know when they will be (since the famed Wall Street Reform Act known as Dodd Frank isn’t done yet, I wouldn’t count on JOBS being finished anytime soon).  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else in the JOBS act that deserves our attention. …

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