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Fun on a Friday: Ever wonder what Marlon Brandon put in his Bio?

Sometimes I think choosing what to put in your bio for a new show can be more stressful than the opening itself!  Do you include that Off Off Broadway show?  Do you thank your parents?  Do you add a ILYKD??? A little known fact – the reason that actor bios in Playbills are so short is that every show gets a set amount of pages from Playbill for free, and once those pages are used up, the Producer gets charged.  Take a big show with a big cast, and a lot of Producers, and you’ve added an unbudgeted expense to your …

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sharing broadway

Sharing helps sell . . . with stats to back it up.

A great new study was released on Tuesday from ShareThis that “provides insights into the relationship between online sharing of movie related content and movie ticket purchases.” The bottom line take-away from the study was that consumers who share movie content are 6x more likely to buy movie tickets. In other words, people that share, buy . . . a lot. What does that mean to you?  Well, it gives us a smaller target audience to focus on (especially if you have a small budget).  If this research parallels the theater biz (and I have to think it’s pretty close), …

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Netflix Turnaround Broadway

3 Things to Learn from Netflix.

As I blogged about on Friday, Netflix dealt the mainstream media companies a major punch-in-the-face last week when their original series, House of Cards, was nominated for a Best Drama Series Emmy Award. There are a lot of business lessons to be learned from this Netflix story – in fact, Netflix could probably make an original series about what they’ve done over the last two years – and they’re on such a roll, it would probably be nominated for an Oscar (you can bet movies are next in their developmental line up). But here are the top three things I gleaned …

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Google makes surveying your audience easier.

Give Google enough time and they’ll figure out a way to beat just about every competitor out there (except for Facebook, of course . . . that Google Plus just doesn’t seem to be taking off). The latest Google product to get me all hot and bothered is Google Consumer Surveys. If you’ve been reading this blog for longer than, oh, a day, then you know I love research like Mama Rose loves her Dainty June.  Too many decisions are made in this business by folks sitting around an ad table (who probably haven’t purchased a theater ticket in the last …

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5 New Things About My Blog

Well, what do you think? If you’re looking at this blog online, you’re looking at a whole new look.  (If you’re reading this via email, then you’re also seeing a new look, but click here  to see the total new PP experience.) Since it’s Spring Cleaning time, we thought we’d give my blog a wet-nap and clean her up a bit.  Truth is, we’ve given her a little master-cleanse as well, to flush out her insides to help your online experience even more. Here are five new features about the design that you may/may not notice: We’ve made the switch from …

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