Who won the week of free rent at The Davenport Theatre?

Congratulations, everyone!  We have a new record for the number of entries into our Sunday Giveaway! Shocking, right? Not really.  Broadway theaters are not only the hardest theaters to come by in this city; availability is at an all time low, and prices are at an all time high.  All that means, it’s hard for new and upcoming Producers and Writers to get their shows up in front of an audience. That’s why I’m giving away a week of space in my theater, and I urge all my theater owning peers out there (even the big wig Broadway boys) to …

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She called me Steve: My Tribute to Elaine Stritch

“Steve, get me your boss.  I gotta talk to him.” “Elaine.  My name is Ken, not Steve.” “Sure, sure, Steve.” “It’s Ken, Elaine.  Same Ken that was here last week when you called.” “Right, that’s right.  So can you put the big guy on the phone, Steve?” That little scene played out about half a dozen times when I was the Assistant Company Manager of Show Boat, the first big time Company Manager gig of my career.  Elaine always called me Steve.  And she and I both knew that she was well aware my name was Ken. But Elaine Stritch did things …

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What I learned about Producing from a Food Court.

For anyone that is familiar with my trashy dietary intake, you probably know that I heart me a food court.  And I frequent them often.  In fact, if you’re ever in a mall and can’t find your way to the Orange Julius or the Panda Express, shoot me a text.  Using my powers of ESP (extra sodium perception) I’ll give you Google Maps step-by-step directions in a jif. And here’s a tip for you that’s almost as valuable as a tip on how to raise money for your show – one of the greatest secrets of Grand Central Station is that it …

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Why plays don’t make good movies.

Since I announced I was dipping my toe into the shark-filled movie waters a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from screenwriters and playwrights asking me to consider adding their script to my slate.  My basket of scripts to read that sits right near my desk is overflowing with stuff that has piqued my interest. But one thing that concerned me a bit was the number of emails I got from playwrights who said, “I wrote a play. It’d be a great movie!” Maybe. But most likely not. Saying a play would make a great movie is …

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So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one?

One of my go-to recommendations for my writer consultation clients with new works is to hit the festival circuit. While there are definitely some cons to being one show in a sea of so many others (can’t choose your venue, physical production limited to the set-up/strike time, etc.), the long list of pros usually makes it worth at least submitting the application to see if you get in (and if you don’t, you’ve learned something already – maybe it’s time to do a redraft). My clients inevitably ask, “Which festivals should I enter and how do I find out the info?”  I always rattle off …

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